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We invite Mayors, organisations, and individuals from across Europe to endorse the Mannheim Message, which is our collective response the European Green Deal. It calls for core systemic changes and key policy shifts needed to bring about transformation for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable Europe. Further, it calls for local authorities to be key partners in the development of Local Green Deals and the European Green Deal, to be used as key tools to facilitate this transformation.

The Mannheim Message was finalised by European Mayors on 21 September 2020. The Message will be formally presented to the European Commission on 1 October 2020 as part of the 9th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns, organised by ICLEI Europe and the City of Mannheim (Germany). It builds on and bolsters the transformative actions catalysed by the Basque Declaration (2016).

Read the full text of the Mannheim Message here.

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The text of the Mannheim Message mainly addresses local and European leaders. As it calls for active engagement of civil society, individuals and organisations are also welcome to endorse the document. Please note that not all individual endorsers will be listed publicly.

For more information, please contact: mannheim2020@iclei.org.


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